Wei Wei receives the 3Rs Young Investigator Award

Honouring significant advances in the 3Rs Principle, i.e. replacement, reduction, and refinement of animal experimentation, the Swiss 3R Competence Centre is granting this year’s Young Investigator Award to Wei Wei, PhD candidate in the lab of Andreas Hierlemann at D-BSSE. In his studies, Wei is creating a 3D model of the brain’s protective wall, the blood-?brain-barrier, allowing him to investigate physiological processes at this wall. Big congrats, Wei!

by Carolin Arndt Foppa

Find Wei Wei's key publication in Advanced Science:

Wei Wei, D-BSSE

Wei, W, F Cardes, A Hierlemann, and M M Modena (2023) call_made Advanced Science 2023, 10, 2205752. https://doi.org/10.1002/advs.202205752

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